Tens of millions of viewers around the globe watch live as we go all out for glory in the World Championship of sword-and-sorcery. The others in my crew are Qrysta, a dual-wielding sword dancer, and Grell, the best damn Orc you’ll ever see with a battleaxe. In Real Life, I’m a retired teacher, and hard-core gamer; but in-game, I’m Daxx, an apex-level battlemage / healer. I built his avatar to be young and heroic – well, why would I want him to look like dull old me?
The virtual crowd in the arena goes wild as we win – but before our triumph can sink in, I’m hurtling off and away from the cheers, and my crew, and my actual living room on a wild ride to… somewhere very else indeed. Where I land all alone, in the middle of a wilderness of trees and hills and mountains, my only gear a crappy, noob-level sword and buckler.
And I’m not who I was IRL anymore.
I’m Daxx.
For real.
And I can hear wolves.

publication date

12th December 2023

“The New Rock Series is a multi-dimensional romp across time and space, with magical characters charmingly unique, delightfully chatty, and marvelously likeable. Even the bad guys. Welcome to odd new worlds, each with their own set of rules and challenges guaranteed to entertain and enchant. An action-packed page turner loaded with wit and whimsy. The New Rock Series is a wild ride through realms and realities that are not only fun to explore but also to savor, with a profound wisdom that all adds up to a journey you’ll never forget.”

Steve Reich, Emmy award-winning writer and producer.