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Stage: Margarita Dreams, 2017 (Underbelly, Edinburgh)

Stage: The Human Error, 1986 (Chichester Festival Theatre)

Stage: The Crimson Lizard, 1984 (Latchmere Theatre; Leeds Playhouse; tour of New Zealand) starring Gavin Richards

Stage: Winnie, 1980 (Apollo Victoria Theatre, Script Doctor) starring Robert Hardy and Virginia McKenna

Stage: Schoolmaster Sketch, 1978 (The Secret Policeman's Ball, performed by Rowan Atkinson, Her Majesty’s Theatre, BBC TV )directed by John Cleese

Writer Producer of Fundamental Frolics Director Mel Smith 1991 with Stephane Grappelli, Not the Nine O'clock News Team, Alexi Sayle, Rick Mayall, Elvis Costello

Stage: The Artful Widow ,1976 (Greenwich Theatre)

Stage: It Happened in Venice, 1976 (Welsh National Theatre)

Stage: Blue Dot Disease, 1977 (Orange Tree Theatre)

Stage: Hegel and Bagel, 1976 (Ricky Demarco Gallery, Edinburgh Fringe; Orange Tree Theatre

Stage: On the Box, 1975 (Welsh National Theatre)

Stage: A Nice Pair, 1974 (Ricky Demarco Gallery, Edinburgh Fringe; Bush Theatre)

Stage: Two Oxford Revues, 1972 and 1973 (Edinburgh Fringe) starring Mel Smith